Since our official foundation in 2005 in the Buffalo Grove area, Arthur’s Decorating Inc. has worked hard over time to become one of the most important bath remodelers in the area and above all, one of the most valued by the residents of said area, due to the high results of our work and high satisfaction rates. However, we not only specialize in bathroom remodeling Buffalo Grove, but also in any type of home renovations and tile installation that you need…Regardless of the difficulty and logistics of the tasks.This is something that we owe mainly to our experts and contractors in the field, since they have enough expertise to develop any type of work, from small bathroom remodel to large kitchen remodeling, also going through the installation of any type of tiles to backsplashing. If you’re looking for a Buffalo Grove company that will do an excellent renovation job right away and in detail, Arthur’s is your best bet to make it happen. Contact us now!

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