Different types of porches

Not all of the porches are created equal

Generally speaking porch is a type of architectural construction that projects from main part of the building and has enough space to allow person comfortably pause before entering to or existing from the building. Obvious enough but… there are many different designs of the porches ranging from structures under the same roofline to the ones sporting towers or turrets; from the ones supported by simple posts to elegant colonnades and arches. And if that’s not enough there are small porches covering only entrance and larger ones, wrapping as well the sides of the building or even running around the whole structure.

What type of porch will suit you best?

If you call any deck and porch builder in Chicago he will tell you that the structures mentioned above didn’t make the sole distinction between porch types. You can have for example screen porch, that as the name indicates, is effectively enclosed with screens and creates sort of outdoor type of room. Or you can build sleeping porch to obtain semi outdoor sleeping area. There is as well rain porch with roof and colonnades extending past the deck and many more. If you are unsure what to choose for your remodeling project, contact with your local decking Chicago or porch contractor for help.