Few words of introduction

Welcomy to the house builder blog Chicago

Hello there for everyone reading this blog! I’m Jerry – owner of a house building company providing my services in Chicago and it’s suburbs. I have always dreamed about writing, and since I got more time when I’m older, I though about starting a blog.

What about?

If you wonder what about this blog is going to be, I will answer it at the beginning. I’m gonna post here some pure facts about house building industry, some tips & tricks that I have learned through all those years of hard working as a house builder. But also you can find here some stories from my vocational life, few amusing experiences that happened to me – all this seasoned with a doze of good humor and freaky jokes.

How often?

Well, I’m still working with my crew on house building projects, so I won’t write as regulary as I would like to. But still I believe, I will be able to satisfy your curosity maybe not frequency, but with the quality of my posts.

I guess it will be everything for now. Stay tuned for more news about house building contractors in Chicago!

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